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We have a great group of highly skilled Writers, Cinematographers, Photographers, Editors, Musicians and Animators that crank out  awesome content.

Eric Kvatek

Photographer: Eric, is on a meteoric rise in the fashion industry. His blending of grit and exotic has him in heavy demand and working all over the world. Eric has shot  Brahmin Handbags and On Guard for us recently.






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Tim Dennesen

Timmy rocks a sweet mullet and is an awesome After Effects Artist, Editor and Shooter. Tim has done some great projects for us including Lionel Trains, BJ's Wholseale Club, Safety 1st and Dorel Juvenile. He has created music videos, reality television and broadcast commercials. 

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Joseph Lavallee

Joe is a Cinematographer based out of New England. His work includes Commercial, Industrial, Drama and Music Videos. He has learned his diverse camera work and lighting technique working with many of the best Cinematographers in the business. Joe has shot projects for some of our biggest clients including: BJ's Wholesale Club, Hasbro, Jabra and Dorel Juvenile. Joe was also Director of Photography for national commercial shoots we did for Candylidious Bubbles and Lionel Mega Tracks.

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Anthony Jarvis

Anthony is a Cinematographer, Editor and Photographer. He has worked on virtualy every type of production including Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries and Industrials. He is an amazing utility player who can jump into multiple roles on a production. Jarvis has been DP for us on Cra Z Art, Hasbro, Paint Nite, Poliquin, Summer Infant and many more.


Click for Rajah's Reel

Rajah Samaroo: Cinematographer:  Rajah, Has built a name for himself on the east coast with his ability to capture beautiful images as well as help Directors tell their story. He has a keen ability to shoot for the edit and is a damn good editor as well.  Rajah has shot many award winning independent films and commercials and has worked on Dorel Juvenile and Little Kids video projects for us.

Mark Higashino

Photographer Mark Higashino has photographed some of the worlds most recognized faces including Joe Perry, Iggy Pop, Carmen Dell Orefice, Twiggy and many more


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